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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-02-07 18:15:49

Hello Pixelmator Team!

Just thought I’d give you a perspective from an amateur who enjoys photography and gets excited about having a powerful editing application. I’m not a pro but an enthusiast dabbler. Consequently, I don’t have the experience or base knowledge on how to get the most out of Pixelmator Pro. I stumble around and seek out tips on the internet. But it would be really handy if Pixelmator published an instruction manual and an extensive “how to” video library. I’m sure there are several arguments within your company against it. Most likely, cost and the issue of frequent updates. An online electronic manual would address the latter. Cost should be considered within the context of new user (sales) acquisition and adoption. The faster users can become proficient with the software the more you will sell.
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2018-02-08 08:20:26

Hi Andrew, there are no arguments against this at all on our part! In fact, we're working on both those things at the moment and hoping to get them finished ASAP!
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2018-07-04 14:39:14

So, here it is July. When will "ASAP" happen. I just bought Pixelmator Pro and am anxious to learn all its capabilities.
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2018-07-04 17:35:02

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2018-07-05 10:13:30

Hi RJ and Jo, since this post was made, we've completed the Pixelmator Pro Help manual, which you can find here: ... mator-pro/

And launched the Pixelmator Pro Tutorials page, which you can find here:

Of course, we'll be adding more video and text tutorials as well as tips & tricks to the Tutorials page in the coming weeks and months. If there are any topics you'd like us to cover first, we're always listening. And if you think anything's missing from the Help manual, or find something that could be improved, do let us know and I promise you, we'll take care of it.