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What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-01-31 14:54:23


I have now used Pixelmator Pro since it was released and I really think it's good.
I have some feature requests that i'm currently missing and maybe they can be interesting for you to develop for future updates:

1. When using Pixelmator Pro in fullscreen, I would like to have option to hide layers and tools, but when moving the mouse cursor to the left or right side the layer/tools will automatically be visible. Similar to if you hide the Dock in macOS.

2. History Window of every changes - instead of pressing cmd + Z everytime to go back to a specific change,

3. Rotation - When in "arrange mode" i'm able to rotate text/shapes etc, but it would be better if there was a rotation option directly on the shape/text/object .

4. It would be really efficient if it was possible to double click on the empty/black area under the layers to automatically create a new layer fast.

5. If I use shapes in different layers and they are almost above eachother, I find it very difficult to move the right layer even if I am at "arrange mode", since wrong layer gets selected. Maybe this could been solved so if the layer is selected in the layer list, then if I want to move the position of object it is automatically that layer that changes the position.

Otherwise - great app, I recommend it to a lot of friends!

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2018-01-31 17:07:35

Thank you so much for the suggestions!

Regarding point 3:
When using the arrange tool you'll see the handles around the object on the layer you have currently selected. When you move your mouse to one of those handles and hold the command key you'll see that the mouse cursor changes and you can rotate your object by clicking and dragging.

Regarding point 5:
Ctrl+click inside the canvas and deactivate auto select. This will make sure you will not accidentally start moving the wrong layer.
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2018-01-31 17:10:08

Oh great!
Tried both of your tips, thank you, worked perfectly!