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2017-12-26 16:23:52

Can you please make Pixelmator Pro remember the last window size I used? I really don't understand why it by default opens in such a small window. Is there any photographer or artist who likes to work in a small window? Especially as everything that's displayed around Pixelmator Pro's window is very distracting (at least to me... and it defeats Pixelmator Pro's purpose of making everything on screen clean and easy on the eyes).

Of course it's easy to manually increase Pixelmator Pro's window size to fill the entire screen each time I open the program. But why should I have to bother? Just make it remember my preference please.

Another simple request: when using 'new from photos', please show the newest photos in the browser, instead of the oldest. Scrolling to the newest photos from the oldest is not convenient for users with a large Photos library.
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2018-09-03 13:44:58

AMEN... Very frustrating...
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2018-09-03 14:19:09

+1 to remembering "ALL" window sizes as well as:

Please set it so it doesn't always set the default view to the window size. I never look at a small picture at the window size unless I'm editing it extensively. That's not always the case so I ALWAYS have to redo the view size for every single image upon resizing them, because no matter what size the image is it's shown in window size view when sizing is completed.
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2018-09-03 14:38:24

Fair enough — the window size thing was a bit of an experimental feature, but we could quite easily make the app always fill the screen when importing new images.

As for the New from Photos thing, that one's in our plans!
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2018-09-03 14:44:05

Would be nicer if it would just remember what we had it set to last time and always open at that size. I don't know if anyone else is like me, but I tend to set things up to specific areas and sizings and such and like it to be that way when I open an app each time. I very very seldom open an app window to full screen size at all, almost never, so that would mean I'd once again have to be resizing every time I opened the app if it was always full screen size.

If an image is larger than our preferred app window size that we've resized it to, it can just make it size to the window view area like it usually does as it's too large to fit. Small ones should just be the size they are in the window rather than window size as well.

Would really make things a lot simpler this way, and would be closer to what we've been used to in apps like Photoshop.
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2018-11-10 10:54:07

First off, I have to say I am not a fan of the single-window UI, but I will not go into why here.

That said, I agree with RichN & Jo Rice that the window should remember & use its last size setting. One of the (to me few) advantages of a single-window UI is users can develop "muscle memory" that makes moving the pointer to UI elements that are always in the same place a very quick, instinctive action.

But as it is now, unless one is working in Full Screen Mode (which I almost never do), the window could be any size, so developing "muscle memory" is impossible.
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2019-01-07 10:35:02

Funny... I haven't used Pixelmator Pro for some time (or any other photo editing app for that matter... too busy with other stuff unfortunately). Anyway, today I was editing photos in Apple Photos, wanted to do some edits in Pixelmator Pro and immediately got annoyed by the default small window size. So I went to Google to see if there's a solution for this yet and the first post I found was my own message from a year ago. I forgot all about it. I guess this issue hasn't been resolved yet? How hard can that be?
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2019-01-08 08:47:38

Apologies Rich, we've been busy with a whole bunch of other features and fixes, so this one hasn't been addressed yet, but we do have it in our plans for one of the next few updates!
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2019-01-09 09:38:41

P.S. I have now found out that this functionality is more or less ready and will be added, most likely, in one of the updates after 1.3.
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2019-02-13 14:26:56

And now I'm very happy to announce that, as of today's 1.3.1 update, Pixelmator Pro will remember your window size and position for all new documents. Yaaaay!
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2019-02-13 19:13:05