Improved Library Management

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2017-12-19 16:25:01

I'd like to just use Pixelmator Pro instead of Lightroom. Can we get better library management integrated into the next version of Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-02-06 16:53:18

Yes I agree. The editor is fantastic but there’s no apparent way to catalog my photos. My only option is to re-import into Apple Photos. It’s not ideal but I refuse to pay for Lightroom.
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2018-02-07 10:57:06

I reckon Pixelmator Pro will always focus on image editing only but a separate, fully Mac image management app would be pretty cool!
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2018-02-26 17:13:25

I use Skylum’s Luminar 2018 for developing my images. Early this year, Luminar will get a massive update, adding a DAM module, which will make it work like Lightroom, most certainly better.

I use Pixelmator Pro for resizing images, making collages, adding text, making posters, mockups for websites and that kind of stuff.

Luminar and Pixelmator Pro work wonderfully together and are great pieces of software. I could not do without any one of them. Add Skylum’s Aurora 2018 for HDR and you will be happy.