Selecting a text

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2017-12-14 17:02:10

I have made a text in an image. Now, however, I want to change it. How can I select the existing text?
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2017-12-14 18:49:09

You should be able to edit text after you double click it.
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2017-12-14 19:24:51

If I made new text I can select it, but not the previous text. The difference is that at the first text the options Convert into shape and Convert into pixels are gray and at the new text white.
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2017-12-14 20:31:16

Oh I see. My guess would be that you've got your text layer converted into pixels somehow - that's why these two buttons are disabled and you are not able to edit your text anymore. In this case, you could try going back and undoing this action. If that's not an option, I'd suggest creating a new text layer and removing the old one.
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2018-06-04 17:04:03

Hi, editor, can I ask if you found a solution to this? I'm having the same issue and do so frequently, very frustrating!