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2021-11-29 18:48:43

I am trying to choose between Pro and Classic....
I am an artist and "formerly" had photoshop to do my small jobs ( ie poster/ card layouts) but alas ADOBE threw me under the bus...when my mac book pro (2015) updated to a new OS.
SO I am searching 

on the trial version of pro and cannot find the"magic" Magnetic selector tool. is there one?
Liking the UI so far...a lot like photoshop....that is a help for me.

But which would allow me to do my layouts best for sending to my printer company? 

Pro or CLASSIC?????
I look forward to suggestions 

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2021-11-29 19:11:19

Just here with a hint to "Magnetic Selection" as a PM Pro user:
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2021-11-30 12:40:35

I know that finding your way around a new app can sometimes be a bit challenging, so I thought I'd also share a couple of resources to help with the transition.

You can check out the Pixelmator Pro Tutorials website here:
and find the Pixelmator Pro User Guide here: ... r-pro/1219

If you have any questions you can't find the answers to in the User Guide or the Tutorials website, you can always post them here in the forums or shoot us an email at

P.S. Thanks for the pointer EllenM — helpful as always!
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2021-11-30 15:53:24

and regarding my question of choosing between Pro and Classic....any advice?

TY EllenM
SOLD on PRO.....just purchased post trial~