Pixelmator pro on iPad?

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2021-06-07 06:08:50

I currently use my mac heavily for photo editing, and was wondering if anyone could speak to the quality of pixelmator on iPad relative to mac, as I believe it’s somewhat cut down. My editing mainly requires me to fill backgrounds and remove things like tatoos and jewellery, so the integrity of the fix tool (looks like a plaster/ bandaid) and the quick select tool that can differentiate different parts of the photo is super important.

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2021-06-08 14:17:19

Hey! As a Mac app, Pixelmator Pro offers a wider variety of tools and features, can create and open larger documents, but for those two tasks — repairing and removing backgrounds — the tools available in Pixelmator for iOS should surely be enough. Performance-wise, both Repair and the Quick Selection are based on the same algorithm as the equivalent tools in Pixelmator Pro, so everything should work more or less the same in both apps. If there are any particular issues you've encountered working with Pixelmator for iOS — we'd love to hear about them and, hopefully, fix them.