Drawing Automation - Moving from PC to Mac and from Corel to ???

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2021-05-17 15:04:25

Hi, I want to find a program to create vector art from scripts on a Mac.

Im hoping to find something that will be able to do the following via scripts;
Create a vector based arbitrary shape from a set of coordiantes
Draw a line smoothly thru a set of coordinates
Break the above line into separate pieces

Examples - https://nicksoph.wixsite.com/spotline

The programs found so far that allow for this are not within my budget (£50 max).

Any help or advice appreciated.

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2021-05-19 14:25:43

Hey Nick. With the current feature set in Pixelmator Pro, such designs would be very difficult to do. There are also vector scripting limitations that wouldn't really allow this.
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2021-05-21 11:08:37

Thanks for the info. 😞