Embedding fonts question

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2021-04-26 15:09:58

May be a silly question but I am trying to design a CD wallet and have been asked to 'embed fonts or convert fonts to paths' before sending the artwork. Im a bit new to Pixelmator having done some stuff in Photoshop some moons ago - and don't have Photoshop anymore - so is that what convert to pixels or shapes is in Pixelmator? Is there an embed fonts option somewhere I am missing?
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2021-04-28 07:34:20

Hey Steve. There isn't really an option for embedding fonts but you can easily convert your text layers into shapes or rasterize them in Pixelmator Pro. Try Control-clicking the text layer in the Layers sidebar, then choose Convert into Shape/ Convert into Pixels. This will guarantee that the original font (and style) of text is kept when sending the document for printing.
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2021-04-28 22:58:51

Thanks for that. I did convert into pixels and the CD company seemed happy
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2021-04-30 09:10:49

Glad to hear it!