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2021-04-05 17:19:43


I'm excited to share a small website I created to promote Pixelmator Pro. Here goes:


My motivation:

* I want to help Pixelmator Pro get the fame it deserves by sharing my knowledge and experience. True, I don't have much experience with PP itself But I've been drawing art in Photoshop for ~20 years, and I'm committed to switch to PP entirely

* there are 2 main use cases for PP: photo editing and digital illustration (more interesting for me personally). I think there have been not enough PP tutorials aimed at illustrators.

* at some point, I browsed this forum entirely - I found many helpful things (scripts expecially) but the information was not organized properly. I know this is not easy task - and I decided to come up with my own solution.

* I simply love doing side projects, all by myself.

Anyhow, I hope you will find Ninja website useful! Please subscribe (on bottom of each page) or follow a social media of your choice (also on bottom of each page).

And of course, any feedback is more than welcome! Here or email me at

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2021-04-06 08:49:05

Ooooh, that's super cool, Vlad! It's really great to see the community growing little by little and it's so great to have you here. Thanks for sharing!
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2021-04-07 06:57:12

Nice looks great