¿Cómo puedo hacer un filtro radial en el editor sin procesar?

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2021-02-25 06:29:54

¡Por favor, ayuda! Intenté hacer un filtro radial para dar un efecto de luz a la imagen, pero no puedo cambiar los colores, y necesito en tono blanco


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2021-02-25 16:31:06

While the Light Leak is still an active and editable effect, you can add an additional Color Controls effect to take away its color. Just drag the Saturation slider to 0%. Or, you can also convert the light leak layer to pixels (Format > Convert into Pixels) and use any of the color adjustments available in Pixelmator Pro to lighten, darken or change the color of the effect.
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2021-02-25 22:36:17

ohhh thanks I post another question about remove background in the hair, I would like your help, thanks again
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2021-02-26 08:49:51

No problem! I've just posted a reply to your other question, too.