Edit Raw +iCloud Photos

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2021-02-14 15:16:02


I store all my photos in iCloud using the "Optimise Mac Storage"

I looked at the tutorial to handle raw
https://www.pixelmator.com/support/guid ... r-pro/693/
Open a RAW image from Photos
Choose File > New from Photos (from the File menu at the top of your screen).
Locate the RAW image you’d like to open.
Click OK to open it in the original file format.
Note: If an image you open from Photos no longer contains the RAW data, make sure it hasn't been edited using Photos editing tools or third-party Photos extensions.
But that does not work as only the jpeg version is then visible while browsing the Photos library.

How the workflow should work in that case to edit actually the raw stored in iCloud?

Note that the internal editor in Photos does actually open the raw from iCloud.

Thx for your support!
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2021-02-15 15:56:00

Hey there! Pixelmator Pro can't really initiate downloads from the Photos browser. You'd need to open the RAW image in Photos and click "Edit" for it to get downloaded and prepared for editing in Photos as well as other apps. If you're mainly editing images from Photos, you can also use the Pixelmator Pro extension to edit images without ever having to leave the Photos app.