Is it possible to change thickness of captured writing?

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2021-02-12 22:52:17


Just got Pixelmator Pro, so just trying to learn the ropes.

I've captured some handwriting using a reMarkable, and I've imported it into Pixelmator as an .svg file. So far, so good. But I would like the thickness of the line/brush to be a bit slimmer/thinner, as if I'd used a slimmer pen/brush. Is there a way of adjusting this? Almost like unbolding bold fonts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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2021-02-15 09:41:11

Hey J. Welcome to the community! If the file is an SVG, I believe the handwriting itself is a shape layer? In such a case, you could control the thickness of the vector paths by adjusting their stroke settings. You can use the Style tool (S) for this.