Is the Upgrade Program/Pricing still available?

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2021-01-26 19:23:27

Late to the party ... have an M1 Mac Mini on its way to supplement the 2012 Mac Mini Quad Core that has Pixelmator Classic installed ... is the Upgrade Program/Pricing still available? I paid $29.99 on 2011-01-20 for the original version and am considering Pixelmator Pro once the M1 arrives. Thanks!
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2021-01-27 16:23:38

Hey David! Sorry, we've moved your question to a new thread — the one you posted to mentioned upgrade options that are no longer available. The thread's deleted now to avoid possible confusion. Pixelmator Pro is currently available from the Mac App Store. There aren't any special deals taking place at the moment, but you can follow us on our social media or subscribe to our Newsletter to receive the latest news and offers from us.
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2021-01-27 19:43:25

Thanks for the info - subscribed to the Newsletter and plan to purchase in the near future (once M1 Mac Mini arrives and is setup).
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2021-01-28 09:35:33