How to create a shortcut for show/hide presets ? / Update

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2021-01-24 13:38:59

I would like to create a short cut (like shift + A) to show/hide presets in the color adjustments section. I tried using the instructions to create a shortcut via the system preferences, but typing the command "Show Presets" is no accepted.
I realise that the path is something like "Color adjustments -> view -> show/hide presets.
Can that be done ?

Thanks for any advice

Update: I found a solution for the problem. The instructions were fine. Looking into a video tutorial MacMost, made me understand that I tried to use a shortcut that already existed and that I could not overwrite.
So I managed to create a Hide and Show Presets by using the shortcut: "⌥⌘P". Works when I am in Color Adjustment mode.
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2021-01-25 09:50:42

Glad to hear you got it sorted!