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2021-01-23 17:42:23

Hey there!
I am currently using the Pixelmator Pro Trial. I really love it. Just paying 50€ (one time) for such a great software is amazing. However, my colleagues (in school) are using Photoshop. So I am really in need of a good exporting / importing .psd function. Another advantage would be that I can do things which are impossible on Pixelmator Pro on the school Macs (they are very slow).
So, how are your experiences? Are there any issues? How reliable is it?

Thanks a lot!!!!
Frederik Breuer

P.S.: Please excuse my standard of English. I am not a native.
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2021-01-28 09:32:38

Hey there Fredrick! Personally, I haven't tested all possible workflows with PSDs so I can't speak for everyone, but from the technical side of things, regular PSD documents should import/export without bigger issues. There are, however, a few text-related improvements we're working on right now. It's also worth noting that some features (some of the layer styles, adjustment layers, for instance) are not shared between Pixelmator Pro and Adobe Photoshop. If it so happens that a certain feature doesn't exist in the app you've opened the PSD in, it'll typically be replaced with a flattened copy.
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2021-01-28 09:35:47

Thanks a lot!!! Bought it yesterday.
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2021-01-28 12:15:56

Happy to help. Hope you'll enjoy it.