Basic brush set deleted

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2021-01-21 14:08:08

Hello internet, I accidentally deleted my basic brush set, and I don't know how to get it back, can someone tell me how to get it back in any way?

(I am using the app store version if that changes how to fix it)
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2021-01-21 14:35:59

Hey there! Click the More Options icon next to the Collections pop-up menu and hold down the Option key. "Reset All Brushes" should then appear in the menu.

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2021-01-21 15:24:55

Hi Aurelija when I click "More Option" I see "import" instead of Reset All Brushes?
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2021-01-21 15:28:53

Are you holding down the option key at the same time?
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2021-01-21 16:43:21


Thank you I was not pressing the option key. Now I know better. Always eager to learn