Text flow option in Pixelmator Pro? Pleasant alternative IN Pixelmator Pro?

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2021-01-20 22:39:41

Image Hey there!

Since 6 days now I'm using the trial version of Pixelmator Pro. In the screenshot u can see what I want to do in my project: I'd like the text "stopping" at this edge. However I didn't find any text flow tool in Pixelmator Pro. I this is very necessary for editing text. I didn't find anything in the tutorials online. So, I think there's simply no tool.

Am I wrong? Is there a tool? If not: Is there any pleasant alternative in Pixelmator Pro? I wouldn't be that happy if I had to export it to Photoshop.

Thank You!

Best wishes!

Frederik Breuer

P.S.: Please excuse my standard of English. I'm not a native.
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2021-01-21 14:11:36

Hi there Fredrick. First off, welcome to the community! And you've guessed correctly — at least for now, it's all manual work. Feature request noted, though!