Repair / Remove object / Automator / Apple script

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2021-01-16 10:02:02


Still getting use of the tool so maybe I missed something.

I took a very long time lapse with unfortunately some imperfection always at the same position in all pictures.

The repair tool is doing great job for that. How can I use it with Automator or in a batch way? I am not afraid of script either ...

Last but not least I have similar need with cropping.

I am thinking it should be possible as the mask is always the same ...

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2021-01-18 11:47:59

Hi! The Repair tool is not scriptable in Pixelmator Pro right now, but you can definitely batch crop images with AppleScript. You search "crop" in the Pixelmator Pro scripting dictionary to find a sample script. You can also check out this article here ... plescript/ for more scripting tips.
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2021-01-18 17:50:30

Thanks! Found an easier way to do cropping with another tool.

But for repair this is really where Pixelmator shines and I would really need to use it in a batch way ... 3000 photos/timelapse is a bit too much for me one by one
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2021-01-19 16:37:45

I can imagine the struggle! The Repair Selection feature would be especially useful here. We could probably make this command scriptable at some point down the line.