3D filter-effect in Pixelmator Pro

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2021-01-12 18:38:40

Hi, I was looking for a build-in filter in PM Pro that could create the same effect as shown in attachment.

Via color-shifting (Red/green), there is some kind of 3D-effect which has an amazing (and useful!) effect on the original photo I would like to use.

Or could someone propose a decent work-around to achieve the same result ... ?

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2021-01-13 14:30:12

Hey there! Here are the steps that worked for me:

1. Duplicate the background layer two times.

2. (Optional) Name one of the duplicated layers "Red" and the other one "Cyan".

3. Hide the original background layer.

4. Select the layer named "Red" and choose Color Adjustments (A) > Channel Mixer.

5. Separate the red channel by dragging the other channel sliders to the right:


6. Select the layer named "Cyan" and do the same for the Blue and Green channels. This will separate cyan from the image.

7. Command-click to select both "Red" and "Cyan" layers in the Layers sidebar and apply the Multiply blend mode.

8. Choose the Arrange tool and use the arrow keys to move the "Red" layer to the left and the "Cyan" layer to the right (or vice versa). The further the layers are moved, the stronger the 3D effect.

Hope that helps!
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2021-01-13 20:07:41

Hi Aurelija,

thanks for the lightning fast reply!
It worked out perfectly! A Really great help and advise!

(and maybe PM can add this as 'out-of-the-box'-filter in a future version ...? )

all the best!
Lieven (BE)
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2021-01-14 11:50:18

Glad to hear those instructions worked for you! As for a separate 3D effect like this — we'll have to think about it!