Reverse clipping masks?

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2021-01-06 19:26:58

I have a logo/icon that I need to "mask" with the shape under it so the logo would have the gradient applied to the background layer. From my quick Googling I couldn't find any ways to do it with the current versions of Pixelmator Pro... Image
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2021-01-08 08:48:25

Hey there, thanks for sharing the image as an example! To be quite honest, I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're looking to do – you mentioned a gradient, but neither the upper layer nor the lower layer seems to have a gradient. However, I guess a 'reverse clipping mask' would mean that you'd like the logo to make every area of the layer below transparent. I can't think of a way to do this easily while keeping the original logo layer as a mask layer of some kind, but there's a pretty easy way to achieve the same result:

1. Make sure the logo layer is selected
2. Choose Edit > Load Selection (or Command-click the thumbnail of the logo layer in the Layers sidebar)
3. In the Layer sidebar, Control-click the layer you'd like to mask and choose Add Mask

The second step will create a selection based on the outline of your layer and the third step will create a mask from that selection.

Hope that helps!