How can I crop mutiple images eaxctly the same way I am cropping a first images?

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2021-01-02 08:45:50

I have a series of images taken with a tripod and I want to crop all of them in the same way I am cropping a first master image. How can I do this in Pixelmator Pro? Is there a way to "save" a crop and then "load", i.e. re-apply it to another image?

Thanks for any pointer!
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2021-01-04 18:16:21

You could do this by writing an AppleScript but, if you don't have experience with it, that might be difficult. There are also Automator actions for cropping (from the Preview app, for example), that you might find useful. But I guess this all depends on exactly how you need to crop – as far as I understand, for each image, you need to move the cropping box a certain number of pixels down and across and resize it to a new size?
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2021-01-05 01:55:50

Well, I just want to repeat the crop I have done manually on one image with another few images. LightRoom can do this by Copy Settings and then Paste Settings on each of the other images.
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2021-01-08 10:24:12

Understood, in that case, there isn't really a way to do this in Pixelmator Pro – if/when we bring Pixelmator Photo to macOS, we can keep this in mind though, as it's a more of a photography-oriented feature and wouldn't necessarily work in a layer-based editor like Pixelmator Pro.
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2021-01-09 07:16:58

Thanks. Makes sens.

ps: I did find a way to do it from the command line via ImageMagick:

 magick compare -metric RMSE -subimage-search -dissimilarity-threshold 1 -similarity-threshold 0 original.jpg cropped.jpg NULL:
to find the offsets of the cropped image in the original image (after the "@" sign as "XOffset, YOffset" in the result) and then use
 magick convert -crop WxH+XOffset+YOffset anotherimage.jpg anothercropped.jpg
to crop the next image.

Just a workaround but better than nothing.
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2021-01-18 01:47:13

I use xnview for doing that ...