Texturing with an Image

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2020-12-22 18:48:03

Hi folks — 

Im thinking about switching over from Affinity, primarily because Designer is so disappointing.

My question: how can I mask the texture in the image to the rectangle, so that the black parts are knocked-out? This is probably a super-easy trick, but I'm an old dog. Affinity does this with a "rasterize to mask" command.

Cheers! Image

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2020-12-23 09:11:35

Hey there! There are a few different ways to do this in Pixelmator Pro. If the layer is already in the image (as it is in this case), you'd probably be best off applying the Image fill effect to the mask. To do that, you'd need to make sure the mask layer is selected, choose the Effects tool, apply the Image Fill effect, then drag and drop the texture layer into the image well. In this case, that mask will be nondestructively filled with your image layer but the process is a liiiiitle on the long side.

The other option would be to choose Format > Mask > Choose Mask (from the Format menu at the top of your screen) and find the texture image on your Mac.

And, although it isn't currently possible, we'd also really like to add a way to directly create a mask from a layer without the Image fill effect process.