How to "Save As" into original folder, Using MacOS Catalina, Pixelmator Pro 1.6.4

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2020-07-14 16:13:13

First, I love the app and is well worth the price.

I tried to search through help and manual, but was not able to find the answer to my problem.
In Finder, I click on the file, open with Pixelmator Pro. I should be able to "Save As" and the new file should be saved into the same folder where the original file came from. However, it displays the last folder I had used in a previous editing session a few days ago.
That led me to finding a way to show the source folder the original file came from, such as File>Properties, but I could not find any way to show the original source folder. If I still had the Finder window open, then I can always go there, but often I may have changed or closed the Finder window, and now there is no way for me to show the location of the original file.

Thanks for your help.
John C
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2020-07-15 14:15:57

Hey there, if you open Pixelmator Pro > Preferences and turn off Import JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images, you can Command-click the name of the file in the titlebar to see its location. What's more, when choosing File > Export or File > Save As, you should be automatically located in the location from which the file was opened. Unfortunately, for now, this also disables Auto Save and Versions, but we do have plans to improve this in the future.
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2020-07-16 13:43:16

Thanks for the clear answer. Based on that, I will find some other methods to track the source folder location, since I would prefer to keep using the Auto Save and Version feature. At least now I won't be searching needlessly for some hidden Pixelmator options that doesn't exist just yet, or thinking I am just not searching hard enough.
A future improvement to add the option of a source folder would be terrific.
Thanks again, and I love the product.
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2020-07-17 10:37:29

Noted, we do have plans to improve this!
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2021-05-11 00:57:23

by Andrius 2020-07-17 15:37:29 Noted, we do have plans to improve this!
I have this same urgent need. My workflow uses software that sorts multiple folders into one culling sheet, then a few of them are tagged, selected, and opened in the editor, then exported. It is horrendously complicated to find where each edited photo needs to go, all but impossible. And the current option runs the risk of overwriting the original file when saving.

The code that does the opening is something like this
ls -t /Volumes/R4/import/2019b/Aug/8-17/100MSDCF/JKM03390.JPG [... 30+ more files in various folders] | xargs open -a '/Applications/Pixelmator'

Even when I turn off the option to import JPEG files, it still doesn't have the original folder selected when I try to export a file!

This adds literally hours every day of wasted time, which could be eliminated completely if there were a simple checkbox to export to the current folder.

Perfectly Clear, for example, allows you to scroll through all photos and do quick edits, then click "Save all" with the option to export to the current folders without overwriting and even lets me choose a default suffix like "-Edit" .

But Pixelmator has some editing options like Super Resolution that I want to use, but it's a nightmare because of this one simple problem. Which may seem like a missing feature, but to me is a job-killing bug.