Save/copy specific settings in Raw editing

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2020-03-23 21:41:56

I'm quite new to Pixelmator Pro. I really like it, but have a question regarding Raw editing.
Is it possible to copy only specific settings from one photo to another?
Let's say I have 5 photos that I've made to look neutral and "balanced" (or how to say it..). Then I want to have the same Curves settings on all 5 photos to set the color balance or "style" of the photos.

I'm editing my last trip to Japan, and want to have a comprehensive style on all photos.
I understand that "regular" edits and FX are different things. But some settings I want aren't available in the FX menu..

Hope you get what im after!


Edit: Or perhaps if you can have presets on selected tools only so I can have 2 presets on the same picture...
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2020-03-24 09:36:20

Hey Charlie, if you'd like to copy all the settings at once, you can choose Format > Color Adjustments > Copy Adjustments (from the Format menu at the top of your screen). Then, once you open another image (or select another layer), you can find Paste Adjustments in the same place.

At this time, copying the settings from just one or two adjustments isn't possible, but I'll add this to the feature request list!
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2020-03-24 10:09:39

Thank you! I'm currently using that method, but if you could add that as a feature request would be awesome!
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2020-03-24 14:24:08

Not a problem!
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2020-03-26 09:44:43

That would be a Mac dna feature. It’s available on final cut...