converting between rgb, cmyk & grayscale

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2019-06-14 19:16:43

is there an easy way to convert an rgb file to a grayscale...think 'image>mode>grayscale/rgb/cmyk/etc' in photoshop...please HELP...THANK YOU all in advance...take care, sam
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2019-06-17 11:20:08

At this time, Pixelmator Pro supports RGB editing only. We don't really have any plans for these features as we're focusing on somewhat different areas but this is on the feature request list and every voice does influence us at least a little.
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2019-06-17 11:29:36

By the way, you can convert to CMYK and grayscale in certain formats during the export stage, but could you let me know a little more about your workflow in PS using this feature? What kind of things would you be looking to do in Pixelmator Pro?