Pixelmator vs. Pixelmator Pro features

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2019-05-29 12:45:24

I have been using Pixelmator for a little over a year and still learning. Its my replacement for Aperture. I am considering the pro version and trying to find out the advantage in features. Does a features comparison (chart form) exist? Also, any plans in the future to include Photo stacking capability?

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2019-05-29 13:43:59

There's a blog post about this topic right here:

https://www.pixelmator.com/blog/2018/11 ... mator-pro/

And since the time that post was written, we've added quite a few new features to Pixelmator Pro. We're considering creating a feature comparison chart after the next few updates.

Photo/exposure stacking isn't currently in our plans for the near future but it's something we've been thinking about for updates further down the line. Especially as we add more and more features for photographers to Pixelmator Pro. So, if you're looking for an Aperture replacement, Pixelmator Pro is definitely a great option as it's got some really great features for photo editing. And we'll only be adding more in the future!

P.S. You can grab a free trial of Pixelmator Pro here: