Question about selecting multiple objects (layers)

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2019-05-12 22:05:50

Hi! I'm new to Pixelmator Pro and I'm trying to select multiple objects (layers) on an image.

I have an image with a bunch of logos on it. Each logo is a layer. I can select one of these logos using the arrange tool. Then I can drag it around.

When I want to select multiple logos using the arrange tool I have to control-click on each one. This is a pain when I have a lot of them. Is there a way to simply click and drag on the work surface to be able to select a bunch of them? Kind of like how selection works in other image programs (Powerpoint or Keynote for example).

I realize I can select them by choosing the layers on the left but that is actually more work than clicking on them individually.

Any advice would be appreciated!
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2019-05-13 07:38:01

This isn't currently possible in Pixelmator Pro. With apps like Keynote, this is a little simpler, because there's usually always quite a lot of a slide that isn't part of any object. In Pixelmator Pro, the background layer is a selectable and movable object and even if it wasn't, designs aren't often simply layouts on empty backgrounds, so we'd have to make this a drag action with a modifier key. In any case, I've added this to our feature request list and we'll see what we can do!
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2019-05-13 20:04:02

Using a drag option with a modifier key would be fine for me. All you are doing is speeding up the "shift-select and repeat" action. And "Shift-Select" uses a modifier key.

I bet people would this function a lot in certain types of images.

Anyway something to consider for the future!

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2019-05-14 14:29:58

For sure, I actually really like the idea myself! Just saying that there are few caveats to work out in order to make sure everything works smoothly and intuitively.
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2019-07-26 20:13:12

Yes, this would be super helpful. Even just a "Select All Layers" option would be helpful. That way if you have a lot of layers to select, you can select all and then deselect just the layers you don't want.
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2019-07-29 15:03:43

Select All Layers does actually exist — but only with the Option-Command-A keyboard shortcut.