Maintain Exact Document Size when Exporting to PDF

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2019-04-26 10:01:09


I have recently made a few documents, such as posters (format A1) and flyers (format A5) for printing by online print shops.

The print shops require the PDF-files to be precisely of a certain size (in mm). E.g. A5 in mm plus a few mm for cutting.

After specifying this required documents size prior to designing the poster Pixelmator changes the document size when exporting
the document to PDF. After that the PDF-document size does not meet the requirements of the print shop anymore.

Question: How can I force Pixelmator to maintain the initially specified documents size when exporting the file to PDF?

Thanks in advance.

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2019-04-29 11:19:04

Hey Heinrich, could you double check the PPI for your documents? Also, what sizes do you get after exporting — are the size shifts consistent or random?
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2019-04-29 13:52:56

Thanks and OOOOPs.

I don't have those documents anymore. PPI was 300 DPI, which was obviously too much for an A1 poster. The complaint of the print shop was that the document was too small. It lacked the cutting edge which I had specified when setting up the document. I have now taken to checking the size of the PDF export with Adobe Acrobat Reader which provides the exact measures of the PDF export.