How do I get a pasted image looking natural?

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2019-02-14 15:50:55

New to Pixelmator and photo editing, so any advice would be appreciated.

I've got some photos I'd like to simulate as being wall art, however when I use the free transform tool to get the image to fit into the frame I want, it just looks pasted on, and the lighting is all wrong - obviously this isn't a fault of the software. But I'm just curious what I need to do to make the the lighting feel natural such that the images look like they really belong in that room as opposed to just cut and paste.

Thanks for any advice!
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2019-02-15 16:08:19

A good first place to start would be matching the colors — we've got a little something in the works that will really help with this in the future. For now, you'd need to choose the Color Adjustments tool and try and match the colors by hand.

The other thing is, as you said, lighting, meaning the shadows and so on. That's more difficult to do and if one image has the shadows falling left to right and the other has lighting coming on from the front, it's going to be very very difficult to get the pasted object to look natural. Do you have any examples of what you're trying to paste and the results you're getting?