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2018-09-07 07:35:38

Hi all

So i want to buy Pixelmator pro, i'm running the demo very well but i cannot buy on apple store saying me (sorry for the traduction) : this computer doesn't have the configuration...

So yes, i'm running a RX580 card on mac pro 5,1 high sierra.

So how i can buy your product instead of this problem ?

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2018-09-10 15:34:50

This is, unfortunately, a known issue — we're currently using a workaround to check for Metal support because the App Store doesn't have a way of checking whether the Mac being used supports Metal. That workaround instead checks for a certain CPU feature because pretty much all Macs that natively support Metal also have this CPU feature. We're currently working with Apple to add a specific Metal-compatibility check to the Mac App Store, but it may take a little while yet and, until then, I'm afraid there isn't really a way for you to buy Pixelmator Pro. In addition, there is a possibility you'd be able to buy Pixelmator Pro on macOS Mojave (because it's Metal-only) but we haven't been able to confirm this just yet.
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2018-09-10 17:01:38

I have a Mac Pro 5,1 with R9 280X, I suppose Pixelmator pro should work despite the App Store issue?

Have you guys considered selling the app independently?

Thank you
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2018-09-11 11:56:18

Yes, the trial version works just fine on these computers — you can download it here. We have considered selling Pixelmator Pro outside the App Store but, unfortunately, it doesn't really make sense for us logistically, at least at this point in time.
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2018-10-01 03:17:29

Just installed Mojave, tried to buy again but app store returned "We could not complete your purchase." error.
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2018-10-11 21:22:22

Same here, frustrating, lot of us pro guys on older Mac Pros with new video cards
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2018-12-07 16:21:35

How about having the App Store first check whether my Mac is running Mojave? If it is, then there should be no need to do any additional checks for specific CPU capabilities or Metal-capable hardware. I know this won't help those running High Sierra but it might remove the barrier for a good number of frustrated would-be purchasers who, like me, have upgraded to Mojave on old hardware that is nevertheless demonstrably capable of installing and running the trial version.