Transform Tool in Pixelmator Pro?

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2017-12-01 17:55:44

Does Pixelmator Pro have a transform tool similar to the command+f functionality of Pixelmator?

I mainly used this for resizing by dragging edges. For example, selecting multiple layers (e.g. text + shapes), hitting command+f, then dragging to resize the various layers.

I see you can manipulate size with percentages and pixels within the arrange tool, but it is not as simple.

Plus, it doesn't seem like that approach works at all with text. It just resizes the text box, not the font size.
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2017-12-01 20:59:30

Except for Type Layers (which has a very limited transform through the arrange tool) all other layers have transform capabilities through the arrange tool.
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2018-02-26 11:11:31

So, I am currently trying to enlarge 35 vector layers (but without wanting to merge or group them.

As they are, they show up as a collection of layers. With Transform the layers became in effect a single entity, i.e., with four small white squares in each corner, and when a Transform action was undergone, the whole collection of layers simultaneously would be effected on.

How do I do this now? So that it doesn't just look like the attached picture because when I try to enlarge this, just one of the layers gets enlarged

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2018-02-26 11:44:33

Hi Gordon.

I was in the forums checking for the response to another post when I came across your post. It intrigued me and hinted at something that I may be ignorant of in Pixelmator Pro. So, in the spirit of trying to increase my knowledge and understanding, I want to ask the following:

Why is it that you don't want to group the layers?

As I understand it, that is exactly the purpose of grouping: being able to treat certain aspects together (e.g. size and relation to one another) while being able to keep others separate (e.g. fill and stroke). Is there some unintended consequence of grouping the layers that I am missing? Or is it more due to a method or style of working?

- Stef.
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2018-02-26 11:56:45

Well, I don't mind grouping them....just it's inconvenient and I will then have to (or want to) ungroup them.

Before, as soon as you clicked Transform the effect was like grouping but they remained as separate layers as soon as any other layer was highlighted
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2018-02-26 12:27:25

Ah. I understand. Thanks for taking the time to explain. As someone who tends to use a heavily hierarchical approach to layers and would group anything at the drop of a hat, the removal of the transform function hasn't affected me so I didn't see your problem.

I understand how the group/ungroup workaround must be a pain. Unfortunately I can't think of any options in 1.0.8 other that the ones you have already come up with: either change your methodology and group things that you don't want to group or use the workaround of Group > Resize > Ungroup.

(edit: and now I've used the word 'group' so many times that it just looks wrong.)
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2018-02-26 12:45:18

ha ha

Thanks....maybe I'll just group everything.....I'm working in an insane amount of layers anyway
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2018-09-19 23:12:32

Did anyone solve this? I just got PixPro and been using Pixelmator for many years. I used Command + F all the time, hard to believe something that didn't make it into this version. Help!
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2018-09-20 09:24:13

One of the reasons why this feature didn't make it into Pixelmator Pro is that, with nondestructive resizing, it would almost be redundant. Of course, from a workflow perspective, it's necessary, because it's often useful to scale text or a group of shapes on the canvas using layer handles, so we do have plans to add a transform feature. For the time being, instead of pressing Command-F, you can press Command-G and you'll get pretty much exactly the same results as pressing Command-F in the original Pixelmator. After you're done resizing, press Command-Shift-G, which will ungroup those layers and result in pretty much exactly the same outcome as finishing a transformation in the original Pixelmator by pressing the Return key (except all your layers will have been transformed nondestructively – woo!).
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2019-05-13 01:25:10

Sorry to butt in like this. Does Pixelmator Pro not have a Free Transform feature similar to Photoshop where I can adjust my whole image? My imported image is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom and I want to either pull out the bottom to make it the same as the top, or vice versa.
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2019-05-13 02:27:02

I've just found out how to do this. It is called 'Perspective' in Pixelmator Pro: Format/Effects/Other/Perspective Transform
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2019-05-13 07:08:12

An update is coming (tomorrow, in fact!) which will add a Free Transform feature to Pixelmator Pro. Keep an eye out for it.
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2019-05-14 14:31:01

Heads-up — the latest Pixelmator Pro update added a very cool Free Transform tool. Hope you all like it.
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2019-05-14 15:41:39

Thanks Andries! I already downloaded the update this morning and look forward to the new features!
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2019-05-15 18:44:59

Sorry but can't find the new free transform tool and the "arrange" looks and behaves like its always done?
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2019-05-15 19:27:34

It appears to be a tool-but-not-a-tool (at least on my machine). Its settings appear in the tool panel but it doesn’t have a tool icon. Not sure why yet.
Transform is ⌘T or Edit > Transform...
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2019-05-15 23:36:16

Great stuff! I really like Pixelmator Pro - always making advances.
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2019-05-16 07:41:08

by st3f It appears to be a tool-but-not-a-tool (at least on my machine). Its settings appear in the tool panel but it doesn’t have a tool icon. Not sure why yet.
Transform is ⌘T or Edit > Transform...
Cool! 😃
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2019-05-16 10:08:28

Yeah, the Free Transform tool is kind of like the Refine Selection tool — it's more of a mode/feature/part of another tool. One of the reasons for this is that it's partially destructive (at least on image layers), so changes have to be confirmed.

It's available at the bottom of the Arrange tool in the form of a Transform button, in the Edit menu, and can also be accessed using the Command-T and Command-F keyboard shortcuts (the second is for those original Pixelmator users).
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2019-05-16 13:53:00

Very cool! This will be useful. Thanks!

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2019-05-16 14:03:12

by Jeff Feith 2019-05-16 10:53:18 Very cool! This will be useful. Thanks!
On a totally unrelated note, any reason why you're still on High Sierra, Jeff? Compatibility issues with certain apps? Or something else?

This is purely out of curiosity because I usually like to jump over to the latest macOS version as soon as I can.
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2019-05-16 14:18:14

>>> any reason why you're still on High Sierra, Jeff?

When work slows down a little I'll upgrade. I've been putting this off for a while. Everything is working fine and I don't want to disrupt anything when there are stressful deadlines to meet.

>>> because I usually like to jump over to the latest macOS version as soon as I can...

I am the opposite. I like to wait to make sure kinks are worked out of a new OS... but to your point, it's time to upgrade. Perhaps Friday afternoon. Perhaps the following week.

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2019-05-16 14:24:06

Feel free to stick with it if everything's working well! Not that I'm having any trouble with Mojave, mind...