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2022-01-08 18:01:41

Am I able to quickly match size of two things on the canvas? Can I do something similar to Final Cut Pro's paste attributes? What's the best way to quickly make 2 things have the same dimensions in Pixelmator Pro?
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2022-01-12 09:11:26

There are only options for pasting styles, effects, and color adjustments in Pixelmator Pro, but matching size attributes would totally make sense, too. I've forwarded your suggestion to the devs. In the meantime, the quickest way to do it right now would probably be by selecting the two layers you want to match, and entering the desired size for both in the Arrange tool settings (you can also choose whether you'd like to scale layers freely or with constrained proportions).
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2022-01-16 18:22:22

Thank you!
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2022-01-18 10:40:17

by Undertaker01 2022-01-16 16:22:22 Thank you!