Hidden Pixelmator Pro Keyboard Shortcuts?

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2021-11-28 23:01:12

Are there any hidden keyboard shortcuts like on some applications? Or is every single built in shortcut Pixelmator Pro has to offer listed in https://www.pixelmator.com/support/guid ... -pro/1212/

Also, is there a shortcut manager like on Final Cut Pro? Or a third party option? I already use CustomShortcuts to modify menu shortcuts instead of in settings, but I'm talking about a keyboard map, a view of current app shortcuts.

Additionally, does anyone have a list of custom keyboard shortcuts they've created for various menu items? I'm looking to add some more, I'm trying to create the easiest to access shortcuts and perhaps someone has a better list than I do currently.
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2021-11-30 13:38:35

Yep, all the Pixelmator Pro keyboard shortcuts should be on that list, unless we've accidentally missed something? Are there any keyboard shortcuts you're not finding there? As for a Final Cut Pro-like Command Editor, there isn't one like that within Pixelmator Pro. Instead, you'd want to use the shortcut management options in your System Preferences.