Pixelmator Pro on MacBook Air

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2021-11-28 13:32:16

Hey guys,
I've been using Pixelmator Pro on my old MacMini for 2 years and I absolutely love the program.
I'll get a Macbook Air with M1 Chip for Christmas mostly to use it in school.
Have you ever used Pixelmator Pro on a MacBook? Does it work well?
I'm not concerned about performance because I use Pixelmator for Instagram posts, scans and graphics - nothing which takes up a lot of processor power. I'm worried because using Pixelmator Pro on a Macbook means that I have no mouse just the touchpad.

I'm thankful for every answer (ignore grammar mistakes, I'm from Germany)
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2021-11-30 13:53:23

Hey Patrick. Coincidentally, I'm using a MacBook Air myself and, honestly, I couldn't imagine working with Pixelmator Pro otherwise! Of course, if you're looking to do stuff like painting it's an entirely different story but for daily edits, using a trackpad should really be smooth sailing through and through. We've even added a few cool shortcuts that use force touch (like enabling the image comparison view) to make the trackpad even more fun to use.