Brand new trial: Drawing with the pen problems

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2021-10-26 16:55:42

Hello! I just started trying out Pixelmator Pro and the first question I've run into is this. If I'm using the pen tool to draw a custom design, how can I change the direction from the last anchor point? Meaning, I'm used to drawing a point and I can draw it out to increase the curve (which is working great) but what I need to do is after pulling out the line to extend the curve, I'd like to then start drawing from the last anchor point. What is currently happening is the curve follow the last anchor point so I have a little extra of my line.
I've tried looking around for a solution to this but I can't find anything. Hopefully it makes sense what I'm trying to do.
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2021-10-26 20:36:48

Hit "alt/opt" key to change the direction.
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2021-10-26 21:00:10

Thank you!