Trouble joining two open paths

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2021-08-04 10:56:46

I have two freeform pen paths I want to join.

As per the manual instructions, I click on one path and choose ‘make editable’. I select the second and do the same. But when I select both and control+click there is no ‘join’ command in the contextual menu, and when I check the first path has reverted to non-editable.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to make two paths editable at the same time, and I can't can’t find the Join command.

What am I doing wrong?
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2021-08-19 12:45:57

This option will only work with the anchor points of a single shape (or a single shape layer). It's not possible to join points of two separate shapes — you'd have to unite the shapes first. Once that's done, Control-click the shape group and choose Merge Shape Components from the menu that appears. The 'Join' option should then become available.