Portrait Mask support in Pixelmator Pro

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2019-02-13 15:22:39

It’s been just under a month since the last Pixelmator Pro update and, in that time, we’ve baked you all another delicious update in the Pixelmator oven. The headline feature in this point update is support for Portrait Masks. Any photo taken using Portrait mode in iOS 12 will now be opened with a handy layer mask. Below, you’ll find a video tutorial showcasing just one very cool thing that absolutely anyone can do with a portrait mask — change the background of an image.

Along with Portrait Masks, we’ve made tabbed editing the default experience in Pixelmator Pro. Because of that, your window size and position will also be remembered for all new documents you open, which, you may or may not be surprised to learn, was a very common feature request. Three cheers for making people happy! Oh, and we’ve also added a few new keyboard shortcuts for selecting layers in the layer list, as well as locking, hiding, and duplicating layers in various ways. Check out or keyboard shortcuts page if you need a refresher.

Over this past month, we’ve actually been working on a whole lot more than this — seriously, so much more — and I’d love to tell you all about it. But that would ruin the surprise, so I won’t. Though you can always sign up for our public beta to get an early look at some of those new features as soon as we’re ready to test them.

This is a free update for all existing users, so head on down to the Mac App Store, make sure you have the latest and greatest version of Pixelmator Pro, and tell us what you think!
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2019-02-13 21:23:04

Nice update! Got very excited because I though you guys implemented https://www.remove.bg well well, I will be excited once I update my phone I guess !
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2019-02-14 14:38:35

Glad you're enjoying the update!
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2019-03-11 18:06:38

Nice, but I don't have portrait mode on iPhone 6s .......I'm sure many other users don't either.

Would be great if Pixelmator Pro would have something like remove.bg to quickly change the background on any photo.