Pixelmator Pro is the Mac App of the Year

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2018-12-04 15:09:43

In our previous blog post, we said Christmas is coming early because we’re planning to ship another major update to Pixelmator Pro. Well, today, we just got an early Christmas gift of our very own as Pixelmator Pro was named the 2018 Mac App of the Year by the fabulous folks at Apple!


What’s more, we’re working on some great new features right now and we have plans for Pixelmator Pro updates for almost all of 2019 that we also can’t wait to get started on — so this App of the Year is only going to get better and better.

And what better way to celebrate than a quick sale — until this Friday, you can get Pixelmator Pro for 25% off!

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2018-12-06 12:16:10

Congratulations! Well deserved!
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2018-12-06 14:42:19

I also think it's great news. Fantastic value for money, always get great support from the team and love the way the product has developed over the last few months. I use it most days and am still discovering new tricks and techniques. Well done to all of you.
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2018-12-06 14:50:56

That's really awesome to hear and it honestly means a lot to us.

1.2.4 just came out and we'll be doing our damnedest to get 1.3 out before the holidays — we're really excited about both these updates and what we have planned for next year, so as we said in the blog post, everything should only keep getting better and better!
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2018-12-06 16:09:17

I could not appreciate the Pixelmator Pro team more!
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2018-12-07 10:59:56

by Republiken I could not appreciate the Pixelmator Pro team more!