Wishlist for iOS update

Discuss Pixelmator for iOS and mobile image editing.
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2021-04-26 16:37:32

First: I love Pixelmator, both on Mac and iPad. Best user interface in any photo-editing software out there, in my opinion. Very intuitive and user friendly and still with very powerfull tools that gets the job done. I recomment both versions for everyone I know. I have used the iPad version from the beginning, but the competition from other apps is slowly killing the iPad app. So I would welcome an update that would keep me using this great app. Her are my top 10 suggestions:

1: Support for pxd files on ios version. (very needed)
2. Color picker in other color menus than paint mode
3. Option for straighten/smoothen up lines (to get rid of those pixelated drawings)
4. Option to remove user saved colors (or is it me who can't figure it out)
5. Vector tools (that would be nice)
6. Masking tool
7. Comine/extract and inner shadow tool for shapes
8. Better apple pencil support for basic hard/soft brush. I have to press very hard now.
9. "Save as" - option in file menu. (png, jpeg etc.)
10. To finger tab-gesture for undo, tree for redo
- - - Keep up the good work and hope to see an update for iOS soon - - -
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2021-05-03 13:46:49

Hey Henrik, thanks for the feedback! At least a couple of features have been confirmed and are coming, but I hope we can make you happy with more in the future.