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2021-04-21 16:43:47

Hi.... Newbie here ! My son (9 yrs old) got Pixelmator on his iPad and loves it. But i noticed that the "hard" and "med" and "soft" brushes are all the same. For example; If i change a setting on one (say the hard brush, to a different opacity or size), then the other one (say medium..) also changes to match the setting of the hard brush. Shouldn't they all be able to have different settings ?? many thanks, pierre
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2021-04-22 12:57:50

Hey Piero, welcome to the community! Size and Opacity are global settings that will affect any brush you're using to paint in Pixelmator, be it the Soft or Medium brushes in the Basic collection or the Oval Wash brush in Watercolors. In the future, it would probably be nice to have the ability to save settings for individual brushes but for now, you'd have to readjust each one before painting.
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2021-04-22 15:57:34

Thanks Aurelia..... indeed it would be nicer if size and opacity aren't global !! Is this version (IOS/ipad) still being developed... and do you have an idea if this feature is "in the works" ??

wishing you a fine day, pierre
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2021-04-26 11:13:45

The feature is not on our to-do list but we have some painting engine improvements in mind for Pixelmator, so we might as well consider more brush customization options when we get to it.