MacBook Pro or air?

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2020-11-02 16:49:49


I am new to the community and am an absolute simpleton when it comes to buying technology so I was hoping for a bit of advice. My MacBook Pro (2011) has just died and I need to replace it. I basically only use my laptop for pixelmator and so I figured this would be the best place to come to.

I don't want to spend a fortune, but I also don't want something that's going to be really sluggish either so I'd happily get another pro if an air wouldn't perform well..but I would prefer to get an air if it would be sufficient.

I use pixelmator for work and I usually have about 6 different images on the go at one time so that's the kind of level of use I'm at. I don't know if this helps, but I also have an iMac from 2008 that I've used non stop since then and have used pixelmator on since my laptop died. Its fine, I'm happy with it, but I'd like my MacBook to be a little faster.

If it would let me play two point hospital, that would be a major brucey bonus. But that really is irrelevant!

Thanks in advance. Sorry if I sound super weird!

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2020-11-02 17:39:41

I haven't used an Air pretty much ever so my opinion is going to be very one-sided and biased but I think if you're prepared to shell out the extra cash for a Pro, I'd go for it. But I'd also say WAIT before making a decision. There's an Apple Event coming on Tuesday next week (just announced) and it might include new Mac devices.
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2020-11-02 22:42:24

Perfect thank you!