Export to jpg -> extension invisible?

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2020-09-27 21:16:15

Hi, using an iPad Pro 12.9, 2018, 3rd gen. iPadOS 14.

When an image is saved after it has been cropped (my use case), it is saved in the proprietary .pxm format.
In Files I can see that as the .pxm file extension is visible. Great I like that.

However when I export to .jpg (BTW, great option) the file is saved, but I don’t see the .jpg file extension.
To readily recognize what kind of files there are is very handy, for me anyway, as I have to juggle quite some
files sometimes.
Why is this the case?
Or am I doing something wrong perhaps?
Many thanks in advance
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2020-10-01 08:12:49

Hey Hans, extension use in iOS is managed by iOS — not us, unfortunately. Maybe, in a future update, they'll add a way to choose whether extensions are displayed.