Post your common workarounds or workflows for getting around missing features

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2020-09-22 04:16:29

I use pixelmator often and need to do work arounds for these things currently.
The border is similar to photoshops middle version of the border. What's unfortunate about this is oftentimes my subject does not have a perfect hard edge and the border will hover over some transparent space. I can expand the px and since it is in the "middle" of the edge, I can expand it until the transparent halo is gone but sometimes it will overlay on top too much of my other edges. Sometimes I can do another color selection with the other layers hidden and get rid of the semi transparent pixels but sometimes I might need to delete by hand.
Duplicating the layer twice and filling the bottom duplicates with the border color I want and offsetting one layer a little to the left and the other a little to the right sometimes works well but isnt a nice even border. Using one layer with fill and border underneath sometimes works to look like an outer edge border as opposed to middle. I spend a lot of time doing these workarounds but I would really like some more options for the border tool.
Anyone have any tips or workarounds I might be missing?

I also wonder if there is a way to select all the pixels in an image similar to a Ctrl+click in Photoshop. Right now I duplicate the layer with a fill and color select it if I want to do this in pixelmator. I use this for a variety of things but often as a way of making a seperate layer based on another so I can make nondestructive edits. This seems like a feature pixelmator should have so I am wondering if I am just missing it.
Any tips here?

Would love a pixelmator pro on iOS. I've gotten very good at using it while I'm on public transit. I've made so many designs with it that no one would guess I did completely on my phone while taking a walk on lunch break haha!

Any discussion on workarounds or common workflow would be nice to see. Maybe there are some tricks I am missing!