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2020-06-20 16:17:01

The absence the Paint Bucket tool seems weird to me. It seems like the color selection tools could almost work like a paint bucket tool it the color of the selection were maintained and set to the specified color. currently, after making the selection, I have to come back and paint the area and if it is a big area I need a really big paintbrush.
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2020-06-22 12:49:58

Honestly, I think it was never added to the original 1.0 release as it just didn't make the cut and was never a big enough priority with subsequent updates but it's definitely something that the app should have. I'm sure we'll get around to adding it as we start shipping more significant updates to Pixelmator for iOS.
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2021-05-04 13:09:15

Is there a paint bucket yet?
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2021-05-05 13:10:09

by Ned Is there a paint bucket yet?
Pixelmator for iOS hasn't been especially actively updated these past couple of years so we never got around to adding this feature but we might make it happen with the next batch of Pixelmator for iOS updates. We'll keep it in mind.
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2021-05-16 16:34:45

I bought the app earlier today. All I wanted was MS Paint for iPad Pro, something I could use to replace a headshot photo in a graphic image. I just needed to select a rectangle, paint it white, then slap in the new photo. A little Google revealed that Pixelmator Pro would do the job. I looked and there it was in the iPad App Store: Pixelmator.

I made the purchase then spent an hour to learn that there is a difference between Pixelmator and Pixelmator Pro, and only the former is available on the iPad. Worse, the iPad version won’t let me fill a region.

Now I am here in the community learning that the iPad variant is mostly abandoned. I am disappointed.
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2021-05-18 10:59:05

Sorry to hear about the whole confusion, Marty. Similar app names probably don't help the situation. Pixelmator Pro is, indeed, a Mac-only app but in terms of functionality, Pixelmator for iOS is its closest alternative on an iPad (if you're looking for a design-focused app). It's true that Pixelmator for iOS hasn't been getting a lot of new features or UI improvements these past couple of years but it's far from abandoned. Now that we've got the resources (a new team is working on Pixelmator for iOS exclusively), there's a number of changes and additions coming to the app and a bunch more we'd like to add in the future. A dedicated Fill tool is certainly one of these features!