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2020-06-20 16:17:01

The absence the Paint Bucket tool seems weird to me. It seems like the color selection tools could almost work like a paint bucket tool it the color of the selection were maintained and set to the specified color. currently, after making the selection, I have to come back and paint the area and if it is a big area I need a really big paintbrush.
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2020-06-22 12:49:58

Honestly, I think it was never added to the original 1.0 release as it just didn't make the cut and was never a big enough priority with subsequent updates but it's definitely something that the app should have. I'm sure we'll get around to adding it as we start shipping more significant updates to Pixelmator for iOS.
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2021-05-04 13:09:15

Is there a paint bucket yet?
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2021-05-05 13:10:09

by Ned Is there a paint bucket yet?
Pixelmator for iOS hasn't been especially actively updated these past couple of years so we never got around to adding this feature but we might make it happen with the next batch of Pixelmator for iOS updates. We'll keep it in mind.