Create new image fails.

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2020-05-01 10:27:45

Hello everyone,

I run Pixelmator pro on Ipad pro, since new version creating new image is not possible. The message ‚opening picture is not possible‘ appears if i try to do that. Doesn’t matter if templates or custom size.

Any ideas ? Attached screenshot displays the problem: Image
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2020-05-04 14:35:54

Hi there, could you try these steps to see if they'll help:

1. Open Settings > Pixelmator > Document Storage and make sure either iCloud Drive or On My iPad is selected (depending on where you'd like to store your images)
2. Open Pixelmator
3. Tap Browse in the bottom toolbar
4. In the Locations tab on the left, tap iCloud Drive — if you're using an iPhone (or your iPad is in vertical orientation), tap < Locations in the top left, then tap iCloud Drive or On My iPad
5. Find the Pixelmator folder, tap the Create Document button and try creating an empty new image this way

P.S. That folder is basically what the Pixelmator gallery used to be before. If you navigate to it and stay there, you'll have pretty much the same experience as you did with the previous versions of the app.