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2020-04-11 08:39:51

Image Image Hi thanks for amazing app

I have a 1000*1000 blank page and i have a shape in pixel (text+ shape) and it's size is (916*404) when i change my shape to (163*72) in my blank page the quality of image is damaged and it is crashed . I mean it is very bad quality when i change it a bit up or down is good but when i zoom out again quality is damaged . What should i do? Please help thanks
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2020-04-14 16:38:29

Hey there, this is a known issue and is related to nondestructive image layer resizing in Pixelmator for iOS. As a workaround, you can open that same layer as a separate image, resize the image itself, save it, then import the layer to this design. I know it's inconvenient but it should retain maximum possible quality. We'll obviously work to fix this in future updates!