Perspective transform for Pixemator iOS?

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2019-11-25 21:07:46

Hi, I love Pixemator on Mac and iPad for it’s simplicity. However, there is one feature I really miss on the iPad: perspective transform for architecture shots. I mean there are all sorts of features such as bumping, distorting etc. but this essential one is missing ... Why is it so?

Any plans to implement this?

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2019-11-26 08:48:39

The main reason this wasn't implemented is that we simply didn't get around to adding it as we focused on other features. However, in Pixelmator Photo, which is a completely photo-centric app, we thought it was very important and it made perfect sense to include it from v1.0. It's certainly possible that, in future updates, we'll add this to Pixelmator for iOS as well.
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2020-05-31 10:20:36

In case anyone else is also looking to do perspective transformations on their iPad, I was able to do what I needed to do in another app called Affinity Photo if that helps anyone else trying to perform a perspective distortion on their iPad. Specifically, I needed to use layers so I could put another image with 50% opactiy in the same location and apply the transform to the first layer so that both images have the same perspective.
Affinity Photo is nowhere near as easy to use as Pixelmator, but Pixelmator Photo seems to neither allow images to be layered on top of each other, nor does it allow free form perspective distortion. I imagine I’ll get used to Affinity Photo’s interface with more use but I hope the iOS transformations increase to match the desktop app in the future.