Suddenly can’t drag layers within canvas

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2019-06-01 05:06:05

I am tearing my hair out. I’ve been designing for Spoonflower using a combination of Adobe Sketch and Pixelmator on my iPad. I was easily moving images from Sketch to photos to Pixelmator, where I was able to place various elements within the new image and move them around with my Apple Pencil or my finger. Tonight that stopped working. I can’t move things unless I “select” them, and sometimes not then. Has anyone had this problem?
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2019-06-01 19:07:27

Could you possibly email us about this at Thanks in advance!
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2019-06-01 19:28:02

I figured it out: the line art I was working with was so fine, it was hard to grab enough pixels to move it. Made some adjustments and problem solved (at 2 am).